Poker Table Atlantis

Poker Table Atlantis
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Product imported directly and proposed end-user without intermediaries at a price unmatched in the market.

Table prestigious and exceptional aesthetic impact due to the attractive design which includes the locations of the first casinos in Las Vegas in the '70s.

Professional gaming table for 12 players is ideal for long games. The table top is produced in real beech wood handmade and sheathed in a soft blue with white silkscreened line bet without drawing. The plan thus formed provides the softness required for experienced players.

Equipped with elbow foam board and covered in soft leather around the perimeter for better gaming comfort.

The plan is fixed on a sturdy wooden base under characterized by two important columns filled with black satin metal core, based on hard chrome stainless steel. The structure of legs joined by a tubular oval for the support of the foot is extremely strong, stable and comfortable at the same time.

American style table picture poker rooms ideal for tournaments and sit & go multitable

Dimensions: 245 x 106 cm x 78 h

Weight: 80 kg