Mahi Mahi stool, creativity and craftsmanship meet transparency

02 February 2021

The initial prototype of the Mahi Mahi Polycarbonate Stool was in fact created entirely by hand, enhancing its organic and at the same time essential shapes.

We wanted to enhance the lost art of the modeling craftsman to give life to Mahi Mahi, a unique piece of polycarbonate with sinuous and extremely comfortable curves. The high back is an essential element of the design of this object and at the same time guarantees unexpected comfort. The footrest integrally binds the legs together making the structure even more solid and stable, like all the creations signed by Bellelli, these characteristics have been certified by the relevant bodies.

Mahi Mahi is available in two heights, to suit both snack tops or kitchen peninsulas and bar counters or high tables, in different colors, transparent, translucent or colored in the mass.

Give a boost of freshness to your environment with Mahi Mahi!