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    Colored polypropylene kitchen stool - H 66 Mahi Mahi
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     Colored polypropylene bar stool - H 76 Mahi Mahi
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    Specific spray detergent for polycarbonate
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The advent of plastic materials marked a real revolution in the world of furniture and particularly in that of seating.

These are innovative materials which, undoubtedly, have made it possible to create designer pieces more easily than others and at significantly lower costs.

One of these is polypropylene, a very versatile thermoplastic polymer used for the production of a variety of commonly used objects (doormats, colanders, caps, coffee capsules and others), in the textile field and naturally in the production of furnishing accessories .

If stools made of classic materials, such as wood or steel, maintain their charm unaltered especially in particular stylistic choices, those in polypropylene satisfy tastes more tending towards a modern design style with truly interesting technical and qualitative characteristics.

In fact, an advantage of this material is the high resistance to impacts, together with the lightness which allows the stools to be moved very easily and stacked easily.

So, if you decide to buy stools for home, for the office or for the garden, polypropylene is an ideal solution if you want a modern, light and easy to handle seat.


High stools in polypropylene

If you need a high seat for the peninsula or the counter of your place and you are looking for a stool that gives a modern and trendy touch to the environment, by choosing polypropylene you will surely achieve your goal.

These seats have a slightly higher height than normal stools because they must allow those who use them to sit comfortably near a higher surface than usual. 

Very often, given their nature, they are equipped with footrests that allow you not only to rest your feet comfortably when sitting, but also to have help when sitting down or getting down.

On the market you can find high stools in polypropylene in all colours

This will allow you to easily match the new arrivals with the rest of the existing furniture without having to change the entire furniture.

There are also adjustable stools that will allow you to change the height as needed, so as to always have a seat suited to the table with which you pair it.


Kitchen stools in polypropylene

The kitchen is the most dynamic room in the house, where we spend most of the day, where the family gathers from breakfast, to meet up in the evening for dinner, and where we welcome our closest friends for a coffee.

Furnishing the kitchen with stools will make it very trendy!

The choice of kitchen stools, in addition to satisfying a stylistic desire, must have very specific requirements to make them suitable for this environment.

First of all, choosing a material that is very resistant to impacts is preferable to survive for a long time in a place where the piece of furniture will be handled very frequently.

Another feature, which you will have to keep in mind, is the weight.

A kitchen stool is moved many times during the day, so it is advisable to opt for a light and easy to handle model.

Last but not least, it is preferable to choose a material that is easily washable, to always guarantee maximum hygiene and to remove any food stains that may form.

If you are looking for a kitchen stool that has all these characteristics, a material that you undoubtedly have to take into consideration is polypropylene.

Lightweight, resistant, washable and trendy...polypropylene is definitely the answer to all your desires!


Bathroom stools in polypropylene 

Versatile and space-saving furnishing accessory, especially in the bathroom it can prove to be a truly useful and multifunctional element.

Bathroom stools are usually small in size so as not to be an obstacle in this room of the house, which often has limited dimensions.

You can use it both as an additional seat and as a possible additional support surface or, if there is a child in the house, as a step to reach the sink.

When an elderly person or person with mobility difficulties uses the bathroom, the use of a stool in the shower or bathtub will be of fundamental importance to ensure stability and safety.

Given the environment in which it is used, this particular stool must be resistant to water and steam, so choose a material that is resistant to humidity

Polypropylene, being a plastic material, as well as being a truly original furnishing element, represents the ideal choice for use in this type of environment.


White polypropylene stools

The color white, in psychological symbolism, represents freedom, peace and a new beginning.

If you want to give a high brightness to an environment, the choice of white is therefore ideal.

White also relaxes, induces a sense of tranquility and gives the house an elegant but modern look at the same time. The choice of this color is undoubtedly dictated by a desire for distinction and refinement

Even if you lean towards choosing white, you will probably have some concerns regarding the possibility of dirtying the stools, as stains could be very visible on this colour. 

But you don't have to worry about this!

Since it is a plastic material, polypropylene stools do not absorb stains and are easily washable with degreaser and a damp cloth.

Now you have no more excuses not to give yourself a touch of class and make your home the "jewel" you've always wanted!