Chairs with cushion or padded seat?

The choice of chairs may seem obvious and banal, but in reality it is very important because you need to identify a comfortable product that fits perfectly with the furnishings and style of your home.

On the market you can find both chairs with cushions and padded seats.

Their characteristics may appear similar, but there is a relevant difference, especially in terms of visual impact.

Among other things, there are those who prefer the chair with padding already present for reasons of comfort, while others opt for the chair with cushion also because it offers you the opportunity to eliminate it if it bothers you (which happens especially during the summer period, due to excessive heat).

Let's try to evaluate some possible solutions on the merits with respect to the environment in which the chair must be inserted.


Garden and outdoor chairs

The garden is an area that can offer enormous satisfaction, especially during the summer: it allows you to relax while sipping a drink or while letting yourself be enchanted by the beauty of your green space.

To enjoy this environment to the fullest, you must necessarily have adequate furnishings, therefore choosing every single detail, starting from the extreme attention that must be paid to the garden chairs.

For this kind of product you have to direct your attention towards the cushions.

The main reason why it is advisable to choose a chair with a cushion rather than a padded seat is extremely practical.

First of all, in case of rain you can avoid moving your chairs by bringing them indoors because it will be enough to remove the cushions.

Furthermore, garden chairs are usually made of wicker or metal, so there are not many products on the market that include padding, also because the water would not drain away and, in the long run, the sun could fade the color of the chair. tissue.

In addition, precisely because outdoor chairs are subjected to different climatic stresses compared to indoor chairs, it will certainly be more complicated to change the padding.

It is much better to choose a chair suitable for outdoors on which to rest or fix a cushion, so that you can remove it if necessary.

The pillow allows for greater comfort because based on your needs you can choose thicker and wider, more rigid or softer models, and so on.

Furthermore, if you feel like changing your style, are just tired of the faded color or if the cushions of your garden chairs are clearly ruined, you can buy new ones without having to spend a lot.


Chairs for the study and children's bedroom

If you are considering the opportunity to buy chairs to use in your private study or in your children's bedroom, even in this case you must make a careful evaluation, so as not to risk finding yourself with a product that is not suitable for the environments and use.

     • First of all, both study and bedroom chairs must be used for several hours a day.

In your office you have to deal with professional matters while your children will have to deal with their daily school tasks and, as we know, they are not always so accustomed to their duties.

You need to be present often, encourage them to study and, sometimes, provide them with various comforts to encourage them to stay seated at the desk.

The main element in choosing the chair, intended for both the study and the children's bedroom, must therefore concern comfort.

You must ensure that the chair adapts best to the body and meets the needs of the back and, more specifically, the spine.

The use of an inadequate chair for many hours a day, due to study or work, is often the cause of disorders that affect both the back and other parts of the body.

On the other hand, every single part of the body is connected to another, for this reason, if the spine undergoes negative stress, the legs, arms, neck and head can also be affected.

You can therefore opt for a chair with lumbar support, i.e. with a reinforcement that has been designed to best adapt to the natural curvature of the spine. It should have an S shape, but tends to flatten during certain movements made when sitting for several hours.

This is a solution especially recommended for those who suffer from pathologies affecting the back and spine.

     • Having said that, you also need to consider whether to adopt a chair with cushions or a padded seat.

Undoubtedly from a practical and aesthetic point of view, the second option is preferable.

Given the function it must have, as a comfortable support and furnishing at the same time, you can find products already designed and made for the needs of people who have to sit for many hours.

the cushion, on the other hand, is a solution that can be taken into consideration for other types of chairs and for other rooms in the house.


Cushions for transparent chairs and for modern kitchens

The kitchen is an environment that is frequented daily for many hours: during the preparation and consumption of meals, but also to stop and drink a coffee or watch TV, thanks to the comforts that are arranged inside and the space that is available available.

Among other things, with the modern concept of the open space kitchen, i.e. an environment that merges with the living room and the entire living area, we constantly find ourselves inside this area of the house.

There are also small apartments in which the only living area is represented exclusively by the kitchen, since the rest is all the sleeping area.

In this case, the kitchen becomes the focal point, a passage area, the favorite room for watching TV or doing homework, the place where there is a comfortable sofa on which to relax and so on.

As regards the chairs in the kitchen, however, the use of the cushion is certainly the most appropriate.

You can evaluate many aesthetic options and obtain adequate comfort.

However, among the prerogatives that you must evaluate when choosing cushions for a modern kitchen, there are also some questions of a practical nature.

First of all, being an environment where you find yourself eating and dealing with products that can get dirty, you must choose models with removable and easily washable covers.

The transparent chairs, perfect for modern kitchens and beyond, could be further enriched from an aesthetic point of view with the choice of cushions with shades perfectly matched to the colors present in the furnishings, upholstery or on the walls.

You can start from a solid color and arrive at the most disparate textures that reproduce classic kitchen themes, such as fruit or flowers, but also different motifs.


Cushions for living room chairs

If you have chairs in your living room that you have already purchased some time ago but which do not satisfy you in terms of comfort, you can buy cushions that allow you to have greater comfort, without sacrificing design.

To satisfy the aesthetic issue, try to avoid, if possible, models with laces, preferably opting for shaped ones which include, for example, fins, an elastic band or are even so well shaped that they fit perfectly on the seat without moving.

The reason is purely aesthetic, as you eliminate the impact of these fastening elements and, with the practical elastic, the fastening takes place in the lower part of the seat, so it remains barely visible.

Among other things, the cushions that feature the shaping adhere perfectly to the chair.

Obviously, the use of cushions in the living room must be considered only if you have chairs with simple and modern lines; in fact they would be less suitable for a classic and more complex style.

For example, the cushions are perfect for polycarbonate chairs, by virtue of the characteristics of this material, which also goes perfectly with different furnishing styles and which offers the necessary space to insert the cushion and obtain a result that is aesthetically up to the task. expectations.

Furthermore, if you have a wicker lounge, in this case the choice of cushions is a must! Usually, wicker sofas and armchairs are a little uncomfortable and stiff, especially if you have to sit on them for a long time, which is why you can choose suitable cushions, designed and made for this purpose.


The various types of chair cushions

As we have highlighted in the previous paragraphs, it is always possible to evaluate the choice of a cushion to match your chairs, to make them more comfortable, but also to give an extra touch from an aesthetic point of view.

There are chairs that are used in certain environments, such as the kitchen and the living room, for which there are many types of cushions on the market that differ in fabrics, shapes, dimensions and also characteristics related to the connection.

Instead, in some environments, such as the children's bedroom and the study/office, whether inside the house or elsewhere, the best choice is to always opt for a chair with padding, perhaps with lumbar support. It allows you to avoid back discomfort and aggravate conditions already compromised by any pathologies affecting the spine.

Therefore, you can evaluate the purchase of many types of chairs that could be right for you.

You can consider the dynamic cushion that adapts perfectly to your physical characteristics, furthermore, you can also opt for more traditional but equally functional solutions.

In this regard, you can find round cushions on the market which may perhaps be more suitable for a kitchen chair, or you can also evaluate square cushions. In addition to classic personal taste, it must be taken into consideration that the choice of cushion is also largely limited by the type of chair, so a square cushion is obviously not recommended on a round seat.

There are also cushions made to satisfy certain style needs, such as: shabby chic, industrial, minimal and baroque. The latter two, for example, are the ideal contexts in which polycarbonate chairs become a main element of design and comfort at the same time.

In addition, shaped cushions, usually with a trapezoidal shape, are able to best adapt to the shapes of the chair and its contours.

They have a narrower back that widens in the front area, to follow the seat a little.

Finally, it is useless to reiterate that you can indulge yourself as you like in choosing the aesthetic characteristics of the perfect cushion for your chairs, taking into consideration many textures, colors and finishes.

Find out what options are available on our site; you will find an excellent combination of comfort and aesthetics.