Cheap transparent chairs, here which to choose

Regardless of the style you want for your home, a transparent chair has the advantage of being able to be combined with any furnishing accessory both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you are looking for a refined, contemporary or more original design, with transparent chairs you will beautifully complete your dining room or kitchen.

The clean and evanescent essence of a transparent chair allows it to be combined with any material: wood, metal, stone and different plastic materials. Furthermore, thanks to the transparency of the material, the environment will seem larger and you will obtain a pleasant visual lightness.

Here are some types to consider according to your needs.


Ghost Louis XVI style transparent chair

Very often used to organize weddings, banquets or prestigious events in general, the transparent Louis XVI Ghost chairs have become an absolute icon over time and represent a certainty for those looking for a chic and classic style at the same time.

For sophisticated interiors or elegant environments, a chair with a medallion back will be the ideal completion, bringing the necessary light and adding further character to your room.


Transparent chair with a minimal design, for a bright interior

Elegance and brilliance make transparent chairs essential elements in modern and designer furnishings. Their shine and brightness create pleasant atmospheres, giving ample space to spaces. The crystalline and minimalist appearance will give a touch of unrivaled sophistication to your interior with the light that will be reflected throughout the room.


Consider a see-through chair with cushion

There are models of transparent chairs on the market that are offered in a double version, without or with cushion. By opting for the latter you will add a colorful note creating an impeccable combination that will enhance the chair even more. With a well-made cushion in harmony with the design of the chair, you will not only have greater seating comfort, but you will also be able to "warm" it, further enriching it with aesthetic content. Look at our transparent chairs with cushion!


Space-saving stackable or foldable transparent chairs

If you really don't have much space available or you need additional seating in case of guests, you can opt for a transparent stackable or folding chair, both of which can be stored in small spaces and then moved if necessary.

They are indispensable for fitters, rental companies or caterers because they can be transported on space-saving pallets in large numbers to the event location even with small vehicles. Once used they can be cleared away quickly and easily.


Colorful transparent chairs

When choosing a transparent chair you can show off your creativity by choosing a colored translucent version. Very suitable in designer furnishings, often monochromatic with a prevalence of white or light tones, the colored transparent chair is a solution that stands out very well and modernizes the environment.

There is a wide choice of colors in colored transparent chairs:

choose an amber color for a sophisticated decor or a violet color for a lively and original effect.

A smoked chair will certainly be appreciated by your design-loving guests, and it will also be able to match perfectly in the context of your home.


Transparent chairs with wooden or metal frame

Often identified as transparent Scandinavian style chairs, these chairs combine 3 excellent quality materials in their design, such as polycarbonate, beech wood and chromed or painted metal.

The seat and backrest form a single shell, giving vent to the designer's imagination with varied, iconic or simpler and cleaner shapes. In the creation of these shells, produced with injection molding technology, particular attention is given to the ergonomics and comfort of the seat, stability and resistance reside in the frame which must be built with the correct proportions and thicknesses. Be careful to check the connection system between the frame and the body, this must absolutely be engineered correctly to guarantee the necessary solidity. If you have a wooden floor, the frame must necessarily have covered feet equipped with protective pads to preserve its integrity.


Transparent monobloc chairs with armrests

If you want to enjoy extra comfort in the seat and an extremely firm and solid backrest, choose a transparent armchair with armrests.


Transparent chairs ideal for conferences, waiting rooms and meetings

They are engineered with an intelligent predisposition suitable for easily applying and removing the appropriate hook. Thus the transparent chairs become connectable and positionable, joined in rows of up to 10 pieces, within collective spaces of any kind as required by the EN 14703:200 standard.

The particular connection hook is created in rigid PP and is equipped with two flexible flanges that allow snap application and removal by pressing inwards.