Choosing chairs for the dining room

The choice of chairs, whether they are intended for an elegant or rustic environment, is never as simple as it seems.

The ability to combine styles and colors may not be enough to set up the perfect atmosphere for the desired environments. 

Among the most important areas of the house is certainly the dining room , a place of welcome and hospitality for friends and relatives. 

So let's see how to choose chairs for the dining room , keeping in mind some guidelines that could be useful in moments of uncertainty.

Dining table

The first step in choosing dining room chairs depends on the table they will be paired with. 

Each table has a well-defined style and, consequently, the chairs must be combined according to two types of thinking: combination or contrast . 

In the first case, the starting idea must be to follow a single stylistic line for all furnishings; in the second, however, it is possible to create a combination of different elements which do not necessarily have the same design, but which are instead clearly in contrast with each other. 

The contrast can therefore consist in the choice of chairs that are conceptually opposite to the style of the table , as can happen in the union between polycarbonate chairs and a solid wood table.

As with chairs, the most disparate materials can also be used to make tables which, depending on the choice, are able to give specific sturdiness and design to domestic environments.

The dining table can be built with solid wood or glass, to acquire greater elegance, but also in plywood, iron, steel, marble, polycarbonate and other plastic materials.

Normally the solid wood table is associated with the classic style, but what can make it more modern is not so much the material, but rather the finishes, the color and the combinations with other furnishing elements.

In fact, even a dark wenge table can be made with solid wood, but its appearance will certainly be more modern. 

Depending on the style you want to give to the environment, the solid wood table can be completed either with the same chairs or with chairs made of completely different materials and colours.

The combination of "solid wood table and polycarbonate chairs" could in fact be ideal for creating an innovative and refined style . 

White, transparent or colored chairs could highlight the table more, but also the entire furnishings of the room.

The dark table with light chairs can be a pleasant and appropriate choice to highlight some elements and give a lively touch to the dining room.

Many high-level venues use this solution in their environments, combining functionality, aesthetics and originality.

Chairs with armrests

The choice of dining room chairs with or without armrests has for years caused very heated disputes between supporters and detractors of this piece of furniture. Although chairs with armrests provide greater comfort and support during long sessions, it is also true that their size is not at all insignificant! 

The choice must therefore be dictated mainly by three factors : size of the room, size of the table and personal taste.

- If you have a large space available, your dining room table is quite impressive, if you also love spending a lot of time in this room and are happy to stay and read a good book, then you will certainly have to orient your choice towards models of chairs with armrests for greater comfort.

- If, however, you use chairs in the dining room only for quick daily activities or you need to use many chairs around the table, because your family is large or because you often like to invite friends for lunch or dinner, then you will probably have to choose chairs without armrests which allow you to take up minimal space.

Sometimes the choice of one or the other type is also given by the desire for elegance , obtained above all from the design and combination of fabrics. 

Elegance can therefore be given by sinuous and never intrusive shapes , which combine with high quality fabrics that make up the seats, but also the complete upholstery of the room: curtains, carpets, sofas etc. 

Padded chair

If you are a big fan of comfort you will surely have felt the need to use an upholstered chair in your dining room, to be able to spend as much time as you want at the table with your fellow guests and always feel at your best!

Given the enormous demand from an increasingly eager public to make their home a true oasis of relaxation, especially to escape the pressing and stressful pace of work, the market is able to provide you with an infinite number of solutions that could be right for you .

Bellelli has created a line of padded polycarbonate chairs , which best support the weight of the person thanks to the non-deformable rubber padding. 

Furthermore, their design can be easily inserted in different places, choosing the most suitable covering: nubuck, eco-leather or fabric.

Chairs for 80 cm high table

A traditional dining table has a height of 75 cm ; the chairs are usually built to accommodate this standard size and make the use of the table itself comfortable.

However, if you have a table 80 cm high (therefore a little higher than the standard), which chair should you choose? 

Fortunately, there are seats with a height greater than the canonical 44 cm, 50 cm or even more, or adjustable models that allow you to choose the height based on your height and the size of the table.

Alternatively, it is also possible to choose stools which, in addition to performing this task in the best possible way, also bring a further touch of modernity to the room.

Low back, high back 

The choice of backrest can make the difference both in terms of comfort and aesthetics of the dining room.

A more elegant and austere look can be given by high backrests , while low ones are more manageable and jaunty.

Furthermore, to have a better aesthetic effect, you must also consider the height of your table. If, as we have just seen, your table is 80 cm high, you certainly cannot place chairs with too low a backrest next to it, otherwise they would be barely or not at all visible.

Finally, if you need solid support for your back, a high backrest would be preferable, as long as the length of your torso allows you to have your neck and head free or at the level of the headrest, if provided. 

Other characteristics

Before evaluating the features just described, in order to choose a dining room chair that lives up to your expectations, you will certainly also have to consider other factors of primary importance .

Let's see the main ones.

- Robustness

Buying chairs for your dining room only to have to replace them shortly after due to their poor quality is not a smart solution. 

A chair must be sturdy and resistant , thanks to the raw materials with which it is made and the finishes: type of fastening, stitching, material chosen for the seat and so on. 

- Cleaning

In the dining room, crumbs, food residues and constant use mean that the seats get dirty easily. 

It is therefore essential that the chairs you are choosing are easy to clean . 

Opt for washable materials, which do not easily absorb stains, and for models without inlays or with few indentations.

- Seat depth

One of the features you need to pay particular attention to is the depth of the seat. It can vary between 41 cm and 53 cm , but to ensure greater comfort even for taller and sturdier people, we recommend purchasing chairs that have a seat depth that measures at least 50 cm. 

- Only contact reliable companies

The choice of chairs for the dining room, in addition to being influenced by the type of materials and aesthetic composition, should always be guided by the advice of industry experts. 

The company must be able to guarantee the quality of raw materials and finished products, must provide all the information you need and help you find the ad hoc solution for your specific needs.

Bellelli is fully among the most reliable companies in the "furniture" sector; it produces design elements, mainly in polycarbonate, ideal for any type of dining room.

The eye-catching shapes and colors of Bellelli's furnishings can be placed in different stylistic contexts, as long as they are well thought out and coordinated in the right way.

However, it is always your personal taste that makes the difference: a dining room, even if it follows a well-defined style, can be customized according to your character and your creativity.