Choosing chairs for the kitchen

Today, more than ever,  the kitchen represents one of the most lived-in environments in the home.

There are many solutions that involve the creation of large communicating spaces, which house the kitchen and living area together: the so-called open spaces.

This is a solution that is preferred to the more classic and traditional divisions of the rooms, because the house takes on a more modern, hospitable design and with a living area intended to welcome the family after a day full of commitments for everyone, in an informal and more collected.

Especially after the alternation of lockdown and other similar restrictions which forced us not to go out except for important reasons, the presence of family members at home has increased significantly. 

This is why the furnishing of the kitchen and living area takes on priority importance!

The lockdown also led to the start of working from home, the so-called smart working or agile working. 

It goes without saying that for those who find themselves without an area dedicated to study or work at home, the kitchen has become the place to carry out most of their daily activities. In short, the kitchen table, but also the island or peninsula have been used as a work area .

In this case, the classic and comfortable office armchair was replaced by normal kitchen chairs , those generally used for moments of conviviality, which in normal social situations, from breakfast to dinner, see family members alternating, but also relatives and friends. 

However, these are not always such comfortable solutions if the stay becomes so long. 

In this sense, owning comfortable chairs is of fundamental importance and today presents itself as an increasingly widespread need.

Using a chair means forcing your body to maintain a certain posture, which is not always ideal, for a long period. 

It is therefore necessary to take convenience into account first. 

A beautiful but uncomfortable chair, over time, will reveal its true nature and become one of those purchases that were better not made. 

We must therefore not fall into error! 

For this reason, when purchasing, it will be a good idea to evaluate all possible aspects and be sure to rely on a brand that guarantees quality and durability over time. 

When purchasing a chair it is important to evaluate the ergonomic aspect . 

Therefore, you must pay close attention to the functionality of the backrest and the comfort of the seats which, both for chairs and stools, is of considerable importance. 

A discussion that also applies, among other things, to the well-being of all family members.

Absolutely suitable for furnishing modern and contemporary environments, polycarbonate chairs also combine very well with furnishing elements that have a more traditional style. In fact, they know how to make even a wooden table with classic lines special and even more beautiful 

The transparency that distinguishes them gives them lightness and purity. 

Here, if placed alongside a table made of smooth or rough wood or which has steel elements, these chairs give a note of originality to the environment and lighten the context. 

Inserted into modern furnishings , however, they create continuity with the chosen style.

Bellelli chairs boast several elements in their favor:

    • unique and exclusive design;

    • Uni certified quality;

    • immediate availability;

    • technology made in Italy.

Dining table

Oval, round or rectangular, the Ometto Bellelli tables have a timeless, light, minimal design, but still of great impact.

The three-legged base is made of polycarbonate in a single shell and gives strength and stability to the structure. 

Many models of transparent polycarbonate chairs, even in colored variants, can be combined with these tables. 

An excellent result that creates a truly exclusive corner intended for conviviality with family and friends.

Modern or classic style

Before being beautiful, a chair must first and foremost be functional : ergonomic, practical, stable, resistant, light and easy to handle. 

However, it must also please and reflect the style of the environment in which it will be placed, be it classic or modern.

Kitchen chairs are a very important element, one of the most used furnishings in the home, so the previous premise is even more valid. 

When choosing these furnishings you can opt for a more classic style , made of soft lines and wooden structures (a natural, resistant material of undisputed quality and which fits well thanks to its neutral nature). 

This does not mean that modern style should be underestimated, with its materials with a strong visual impact, such as steel and polycarbonate, and its particularly innovative shapes.

Ergonomic kitchen chairs

The use of polycarbonate has given rise to a new and different way of furnishing. transparent chair , even in the colored variant, gives a very particular style to the environment in which it is placed. 

Equally important is the functional aspect . 

The seat and backrest, ergonomically designed, allow you to get comfortable without needing cushions, but above all do not cause problems for your back and its natural bone conformation. 

Therefore, even when choosing a polycarbonate chair, it is truly essential to have a careful eye on ergonomics. 

Ergonomic kitchen chair

The Lucienne chairs , perfect for the kitchen, are very stable and robust and come with a flared and spacious backrest, which combines with a rounded seat. 

This combination gives life to a very comfortable chair overall. Equally comfortable is the selection of stools , which come with an enveloping and practical seat. 

In both cases the design therefore took into account the need to combine aesthetics and comfort, beauty and ergonomics . 

The material used and the use of the best technologies give life to quality products, which meet the most diverse needs of a particularly demanding clientele. There can be no beauty without comfort, design without practicality, because a chair must be "experienced" even before being admired . 

Whatever the choice for your kitchen, Bellelli guarantees high quality products which therefore meet all the standards and requirements that the market requires.

Chairs with armrests

Chairs with armrests are often preferred by those who aspire to have comfortable environments that allow maximum relaxation in every room of the house, without ever sacrificing aesthetics.

Emblematic in this regard is the Ghost chair , created by Bellelli in 2015. 

It comes with the design of an armchair that recalls the pomp and lines present at court, in the reign of Louis XVI. 

We are therefore talking about a chair with a well-defined style, suitable for embellishing environments that want to appear modern, without erasing the memories of a distant era. 

In short, these are chairs with a truly original, almost unique touch. 

The armrests, designed in a manner consistent with the style of this chair, give it a further touch of practicality and comfort . 

Very particular but versatile, so much so that it fits well both in a kitchen with modern lines and design and in one where wood and classicism prevail. 

Ghost symbolizes an element of style and undisputed innovation.

High back

The backrest represents an element designed to offer comfort and ergonomics. 

It is well known that comfortable supports are essential in the kitchen , whether you eat near an island, on stools, or around a normal table. 

The high, wide and enveloping backrest is a guarantee of comfort. 

Very original in the Ghost chair, where the external frame merges with the central medallion, but also in other models in our shop.

Choosing a comfortable chair, both for the seat and for the high backrest, therefore allows the back not to suffer stress of any kind, but above all to create perfect positions for spending a lot of time together with your family or friends, without feeling any nuisance.

Easy to clean

The polycarbonate, with which our chairs are made, is a very resistant, robust and stable material. 

Furthermore, it can be easily cleaned with neutral detergents . 

In this regard, it is important to point out that the use of solvents is not recommended , as they can dull the polycarbonate and even damage it irreparably. 

The hygiene of transparent polycarbonate chairs can also be safeguarded by the choice of cushions with which to cover the seat. 

Easy to place and keep clean, cushions are a solution that preserves the life of the chairs, also preventing them from getting scratched or worn out quickly. 

The combination of colors also allows you to give the chair a defined look, possibly coordinated with the style of your kitchen.

Easy to move

It goes without saying that the weight of a chair , in addition to its particular shape, can affect the ease of movement. 

Nobody likes bulky and too heavy chairs, which is another reason to prefer a polycarbonate product: practical, light and easy to handle.

Bellelli also offers models with features that are even more useful from this point of view. Among them, Lucienne , a chair designed in 2012 which has a very particular feature: a lateral hook that can be added to the basic model. 

It is the only transparent polycarbonate chair that can be equipped with this accessory. 

Try to think about the convenience with which it is possible to drag entire rows of chairs connected in this way on special occasions, such as a party or a meeting set up in a conference room.

Furthermore, the chairs are stackable ; which, together with a moderately low weight, makes it easy to move, even in multiple units at the same time. 

In general, we can say that this consideration is valid for all polycarbonate chairs, regardless of the model you choose.

Wooden table

The wooden table is truly a timeless element , a furnishing classic that fits well in any environment and practically in all homes. 

Whether it is solid wood or a qualitatively less valid product, the wooden table always makes an impression and is preferred for its sturdiness and resistance over the years. 

Despite these characteristics, some consider it particularly limiting from an aesthetic point of view. Especially not suitable for those who prefer modern furnishings .

In reality this statement is easily refuted from several points of view. 

One of the characteristics that make us think of the wooden table as a classic piece of furniture is undoubtedly the colour . 

But what would come to mind if I told you about a white wooden table? Maybe even lacquered? 

Well, we have established that it is not the material that makes the style.

You should know, however, that a transparent polycarbonate chair pairs perfectly with both a modern table and a more classic one. 

If in one case it represents an almost natural combination, in the other it can give a touch of uniqueness and liveliness, livening up even the most canonical environments.

The same goes for those who choose steel chairs for their kitchen.

Even in this case, in fact, we are talking about a product that can be placed very easily because it adapts well to any type of furniture. 

A steel chair has the advantage of having a very light design, so if placed in a more classic environment it breaks up the monotony. 

On the contrary, for those who love modern lines, the steel chair can be perfect for giving continuity to the chosen style.