Choosing chairs for the meeting room

The chairs for the meeting room must be chosen very carefully, as they are seats that must respect certain parameters, both of comfort and of practicality and functionality.

These chairs must be as easy to handle and comfortable as possible, to ensure that those who have to use them, during a meeting or gathering, are able to remain seated for a long time without feeling discomfort in their back and legs.

However, the ease of handling of these seats must also be given by their lightness and ease of movement, to be able to put them away at the end of their use, if you find yourself in a small meeting room or simply need more space.

The ideal product for this type of need is a meeting room chair that takes up little space and is also stackable !

Another aspect to consider when choosing these essential accessories is durability . Meeting room chairs are often "bouncing" from one room to another, among other things, without particular attention from the user. 

Furthermore, once purchased, it is hoped that they will last as long as possible; companies, whether large or small, certainly do not have the desire (sometimes not even the possibility) to allocate part of the budget to the continuous purchase of chairs!

However, the parameters considered so far must not ignore another equally important factor: aesthetics . 

Having a large number of chairs all the same (and not mismatched) and combined with the surrounding environment, already at first glance, reveals the great attention to detail and also to good taste , which doesn't hurt when talking of representative and public premises.

The attention to detail, order and good taste, in addition to making the environments harmonious and welcoming for all the workers and for those coming from outside, ensures that we present ourselves in the best possible way to customers. 

In fact, thanks to some particular attention, the guest is struck by these reassuring aspects that he will almost certainly find in the skills of the professionals he will be dealing with.

Therefore, considering these peculiarities, let's also see some solutions that can guide you in choosing the chairs for your meeting room.

The ergonomic chair

Ergonomic seats are of fundamental importance for anyone who carries out office work, for those who are smartworking and anyone who is forced to sit behind a desk for many consecutive hours.

It is important to think about both the user's comfort and his correct posture : ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to guarantee excellent performance in this sense, also because the more comfortable you are, the more concentrated you are on work.

An ergonomic chair is therefore always a quality choice, in some cases more expensive than other solutions, but it is a purchase that pays for itself over time: often a higher expense corresponds to a high-end product , made with quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, therefore capable of lasting over time.

Furthermore, what excellently compensates for this expense is certainly the notable health benefit . The back, legs, neck, arms and every single part of the body rest naturally on the backrest and on the entire structure of the chair, without anatomical alterations. 

Furthermore, given the infinite availability of raw materials and technologies, as well as the ruthless competition, today it is possible to purchase high-quality ergonomic chairs without making such an expensive expense.

The materials used to make ergonomic chairs are the most disparate: metal (also chromed), polycarbonate , polyurethane, wood and others, with leather, eco-leather and fabric coverings. 

The choice is obviously dictated by taste, but we must never lose sight of functionality and ease of use.

One thing that is sometimes considered marginal, for example, is cleaning ! Therefore, be careful to evaluate this aspect too; the chairs in the workplace must be easy to dust and remove stains if they accidentally get dirty with ink, drinks or other things.

As for aesthetics , certainly the first feature that comes to mind is color . In this sense you can indulge yourself as you like, the important thing is to know how to best fit the chairs into the context for which they are intended. 

It is possible to create contrasts or combinations with the rest of the furniture, with the upholstery, with furnishing accessories more generally and with the colors of the walls. Our advice is to avoid colors that are too bright, because they tend to disturb concentration.

Two colors that are optimal from this point of view and that go well with almost all offices are grey, light or dark, and black. Both know how to confer authority without annoying the eye, even in low light conditions.

To give greater comfort and completeness to ergonomic chairs, it is necessary to evaluate the possible addition of accessories , such as armrests , headrests and wheels , and the possibility of adjusting the height .

We are talking about a variation between 40 and 50 cm from the ground, to which must also be added an inclination of at least 5 degrees forwards and backwards.

The seat (from the ground), the backrest and the armrests are adjustable.

The padded chair

Here is another very comfortable, as well as functional, solution: the padded chair is one of the favorites in the office, as it allows greater comfort for those who use it, while at the same time being a trendy accessory.

Padded chairs in fact have a great aesthetic impact, regardless of the specific model: ergonomic, with padding only in the seat, with padding both on the seat and at the backrest level, with or without armrests and so on.

As with ergonomic ones, even for padded chairs there is plenty of choice when it comes to materials and finishes.

You can choose products that are easy to clean, suitable for the environment in which they are placed and satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view.

The chair for the waiting room

Particular attention should also be paid to the chairs to be placed in the waiting room ; it is one of the first things visitors will see, so the chairs act in some way as a business card.

Don't think that you have to neglect comfort just because these are transit stations that need to be occupied for a short time; customers must be pampered from the moment they arrive!

However, since the eye also wants its part , it is obvious that the aesthetic aspect of the waiting room must always be taken care of as well. It is important that everything is in its place and well coordinated with the style of the environment.

If it is a question of furnishing the waiting room of an architect's office, for example, it would be nice to highlight some elements, starting from the designer chairs , which are particular, elegant and which immediately capture the customer's attention.

Another fundamental element, in addition to practicality of use, must be the proportion . Sometimes, the waiting rooms are not very large, which is why it is necessary to have stackable chairs available that can be added to those present, if necessary.

Furthermore, a very convenient solution also with regards to space optimization is the choice of benches made up of several chairs joined together, which can be fixed or modular according to needs.

The chair with writing tablet

Perfect for both the waiting room and the meeting room, the chairs with writing tablet have a practical folding table, useful for taking notes and working, even if you are away from the desk.

With the table lowered, easily stowed away when not needed, the chair returns to being a classic armchair equipped with every comfort.

To be evaluated, in addition to the style and colour, are any other accessories that may be more or less useful: wheels, armrests, book basket, hook for joining multiple chairs and so on.

It is superfluous to specify how, even in the case of chairs with writing tablets, there is a wide choice of materials, styles and designs capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly large and varied audience of buyers.

The stackable or folding chair

The stackable chair is always a practical and functional choice, whether it is a seat intended for a meeting room, a waiting room or a domestic environment.

The stackable chairs allow great freedom of movement, even during cleaning operations: they can then be retracted when not in use, reducing clutter to a minimum.

The folding chair was also designed with the same function , easy to store and used mainly as a spare chair.

The choice between the two can be dictated by safety, solidity, size and, more simply, personal tastes.

The conference room chair

conference room must accommodate a large number of people, therefore the choice and arrangement of the chairs inside must be well thought out.

We need to create easy access to the rows, but also easy exit.

It is important to pay maximum attention to arranging chairs and benches with the right distance, leaving enough space to be able to move at any time.

Also in this case it may be more functional to have stackable chairs available , to be used or removed as needed. 

The conference room inserted in its working context must reflect the company's style as much as possible , without deviating from it, to create a visual continuum (and not only) with the entire professional environment.

The chairs for a conference room most suitable for this purpose are certainly those in transparent polycarbonate , refined and design, as well as light in both weight and shape. 

Thanks to a practical hook , they can be joined together to give greater capacity to the room. 

Furthermore, from an aesthetic and stylistic point of view, polycarbonate chairs , transparent or colored , are a particularly versatile furnishing element.

In a modern context they are well aligned, while in a classic context they give a touch of movement!

As is therefore evident, the workplace must be even more worthy of attention with regards to furnishings.

No one would like to work in a cramped, tasteless, neglected place where there is ugly and outdated-looking furniture! 

Even visitors, although they spend much less time in this environment, would certainly not feel at ease if they did not find it welcoming enough.

Bellelli Office will be able to guide you in your choice by placing at your disposal a wide range of high quality furnishings and the many years of expertise of its highly qualified staff.