Choosing the stool for the bar

When we talk about high bar stools it is immediate to think of the various functions of these extraordinary furnishing accessories: perfectly completing a high table, adding freshness to a classic style counter, obtaining a greater number of seats in our restaurant are just some of the countless purposes you can achieve by choosing the right stool.

Below are some tips for finding the perfect stool for your bar, your restaurant or your hotel!!

Evaluate the dimensions carefully before deciding what the ideal height of the stool is .

The bar setups include counters or high tables with standard heights varying from 108 to 114 cm, the ideal height for your bar stool must therefore be 76 cm, if the counter is produced in an artisanal way and has different sizes you will have to opt for one adjustable or ad hoc stool.

The goal is for the stool to be perfect for the measurements of your high tables or bar tops :

Bar stool measurements : with 75/76 cm seat height they are perfect for counters or high tables of 110/112 cm

Measurements of extra-high stools for visitors : they have a seat height of 80/85 cm and adapt to particular tops or customized tops of 120/125 cm

Adjustable stool sizes : they can vary from 65/66 cm to 80/85 cm in seat height and are preferable for custom-made worktops

Footrest height : for a comfortable posture the ideal distance from the seat to the footrest must be 44/45 cm

Consider the distance between stools

To guarantee freedom of movement, the suitable distance between one stool and another ranges from 16 cm to 30 cm. With too much space there will be an imbalance in the view, too little will compromise the movements of nearby occupants.

You should place the stools at least 35 cm from your work surface so as to adequately occupy the space without obstructing the view of the table.

If you choose a high chair with armrests and backrest, make sure that it can pass under the counter or snack table, guaranteeing comfort and freedom in the necessary movements.

Consider the features

Depending on the location and the space available, you will need bar stools that match the environment and are comfortable for your customers. Here are some aspects to take into consideration:

- Backrest: it is certain that a designer stool with a medium or high backrest is more comfortable and suitable if you remain seated for a long time. Backless stools are to be considered in limited environments and can also ensure better freedom of movement.

- Footrest: not essential but strongly recommended is to opt for any bar stool with footrest. It is important that this is sturdy, comfortable and well secured to the front legs.

- Height adjustment: a height-adjustable bar stool is a valid choice from the point of view of functionality and practicality, being able to adapt to counters or tables of different sizes. A negative note is the lack of stability in the base, which exposes it to the risk of tipping over.

Fixed stools with 4 legs: the fixed stool with 4 legs is certainly the ideal choice from the point of view of safety and stability. To ensure the best solidity it is advisable that the legs are joined together in a single structure.

Consider shapes and materials

Wood and metal are classic choices for a bar stool setup.

Wooden stools are the most traditional, offering a variety of finishes that can both stand out and blend in with their surroundings.

Aged, Corten or chromed steel finishes of the high metal stools represent a safe choice for contemporary spaces.

Super colorful stools in polycarbonate and polypropylene are the hi-tech choice markedly inspired by design. They offer a multitude of colours, finishes and trendy shapes from which you can choose for top combinations for modern and informal locations.

Transparent, translucent modern bar stools with high-performance scratch-resistant textures offer functionality, ease of use, easy maintenance, are easily washable, also suitable for outdoor use.