Design chairs for living room and lounge

The choice of chairs for the living area is a significant detail in home furnishings; one chair rather than another is able to characterize the entire environment, depending on the different tastes, needs and also the preferred furnishing style.

It is possible to focus on chairs in line with the trends of the house, so as to confirm the tone of the environment, but you can also think about focusing on clearly contrasting chairs , so as to give the room a new, original and eclectic style, capable to highlight certain elements.

Another particular idea consists of chairs in line with the furnishings of the room, but in an original nuance , so as to be the prominent element of an environment; perhaps you can also just opt ​​for a cushion in a contrasting colour, which discreetly stands out from everything else.

The different possible combinations create a pleasant and modern play of styles, as long as they are studied solutions, never the result of chance or incorrect combinations, which could otherwise give the impression of neglect.

Let's then get into the merits of the discussion, analyzing some chair models that are particularly recommended for both the living room and the designer lounge .

Stackable chairs

The stackable chairs , especially those in polycarbonate proposed by the Bellelli company, are a modern and versatile solution , as well as decidedly functional . 

The attractive design makes them easily combinable with both modern and more classic living rooms and, furthermore, their lightness and practicality allows them to be easily stored leaving minimal space.

Stackable chairs are distant relatives of the chairs that were once defined as " for guests ", those that we only brought out for parties, and which formed a sort of mix and match with the other seats present around the table.

Often these were worn, old seats, not at all matching the rest, kept in storage only to be used in case of need.

The stackable polycarbonate chairs from Bellelli , on the other hand, have a decidedly more modern, linear, fascinating appearance that can easily be combined with different styles.

Polycarbonate is preferred precisely for its elegance, but also for its lightness, resistance and undoubted flexibility, which allows the creation of multiple lines and processes.

Furthermore, what is no small matter, polycarbonate chairs are very easy to clean with the simple use of a damp cloth.

For more modern environments and designer living rooms, the colored polycarbonate chair is ideal, because it gives a particular identity to the entire furniture.

Transparent polycarbonate chairs , on the other hand, are more versatile because they match well with both the furnishings of a classic and modern living room. 

Furthermore, they give a notable touch of refinement and style, lightening the marked features of some elements already present in the room and giving a further touch of elegance.

Modern designer chairs

The desire to be able to stand out even in the choice of furniture has become quite common, not only for those who work in the sector, but also for many laypeople who simply love sophistication.

The great demand from buyers therefore only increases the production of modern designer chairs , unique elements in shapes, colors and styles.

The market provides a vast range of solutions of this kind: from those characterized by rigorous lines to those with totally unusual shapes; from the very colorful ones to the transparent ones; from chairs with armrests to those without and so on.

There are numerous materials that are suitable for this purpose, starting from classic wood up to raw materials with low environmental impact. In fact, modern designer chairs use polycarbonate , wood, aluminium, glass, carbon fibre, bamboo and many other materials.

Furthermore, there are those who prefer a seat or possible padding in velvet, leather, eco-leather, nubuck and other fabrics.

Many designer chairs are born from the imagination of eclectic architects who follow the shapes of the most unusual suggestions; many others, however, perfectly follow the inspiration of well-defined styles, such as Nordic, vintage, country and so on.

The upholstered living room chairs

We now come to padded chairs, which allow you to give style to the environment, but without sacrificing comfort .

They can be fully padded, or have padding only at the seat level and, depending on the material and colors chosen, they fit well into different contexts. 

Chairs with only an upholstered seat tend to have a slightly more modern line. The polycarbonate chairs with padded seats , with their own character and great elegance, are a valid example.

The more linear padded chairs, ideal for different types of living rooms, can be stackable, equipped with armrests and have an armchair shape. 

Elegant chairs for the dining room

The concept of elegance is never universally shared; therefore a chair with a classic cut can be considered as elegant as a chair with a modern or minimal design. 

Elegance can therefore be given by the furniture as a whole, but also by a single complement.

The tastes of the owners of the house, who often find themselves represented by the trends of the moment, are certainly capable of creating welcoming and elegant environments both with the addition of essential chairs and with more irregular lines.

Chairs for the classic living room

The chairs for the classic living room tend to fit into traditional furnishings and are preferably made of materials such as wood.

They can be padded, equipped with armrests, have a linear or more articulated cut, a bold color or warmer tones... 

Many classic living rooms go well, not only with traditional chairs, but also with transparent seats, or in unusual shades , such as total black (like the black Ghost model ), which is a very classy choice even within high-end furnishings. this type.

In fact, it is not unusual to see classic living rooms that acquire a touch of liveliness thanks to the addition of chairs that recall a slightly more modern style.

Polycarbonate chairs, especially those with armrests (like the transparent Ghost model ) could therefore be ideal for creating an original style, with a strong classic imprint.

Leather chairs for the dining room

Leather chairs are very refined solutions with an eclectic style , capable of moving from the classic dining room to the more modern one.

The leather chair is a very bold element , which fits harmoniously within the predominant style or constitutes a pleasant and successful contrast, as long as it is studied in detail.

Leather chairs can have a classic line with conventional colors, such as brown or black, but they can also have a more particular design and original and bold colors, such as orange, red, white, fuchsia and even a multicolored pattern.

Another feature that allows for greater customization of the chair is its finish , which can have a quilted or smooth effect and can be in shiny or matte leather. 

Depending on the details you choose and the room for which it will be used, your leather chair will be able to create different, but always pleasant and classy, ​​effects.

You really have many choices when it comes to chairs for the living room and designer lounge , but be careful to give the right value to this piece of furniture, as it is able to strongly characterize the environment in which it is placed.

Also don't forget that, in most cases, living room chairs are used every day, therefore, in addition to the design and purely decorative function, you also need to think about comfort .