How to choose a kitchen stool

High stools are furnishing accessories that mainly have a double function, adding beauty and atmosphere to our kitchen or creating additional seating in a space in our home. Never before has the way of experiencing internal and external environments changed rapidly and modern design stools are becoming increasingly crucial for the success of a furnishing.

Here are some useful tips to find the right set of stools for the living area or kitchen for you!!


Consider the dimensions carefully , what is the ideal height of the seat on the stools ?

The vast majority of manufacturers offer, both in Italy and abroad, islands, peninsulas or kitchen snack tops with standard heights ranging from 90 to 94 cm. The ideal height for your kitchen stool must therefore be 65/66 cm. If your kitchen is handcrafted and has a high top with unusual dimensions you will have to opt for an adjustable stool or one of a suitable size. 

The aim is for the stool to adapt perfectly to the measurements of your high table or kitchen snack top :

Kitchen stool measurements : with a seat height of 65/66 cm, they adapt perfectly to worktops that normally have a height of 90/92 cm

Bar stool measurements : with 75/76 cm seat height they are perfect for counters or high tables of 110/112 cm

Measurements of extra-high stools for visitors : they have a seat height of 80/85 cm and adapt to particular tops or customized tops of 120/125 cm

Footrest height : for a comfortable posture the ideal distance from the seat to the footrest must be 44/45 cm

Consider the distance between stools

To guarantee freedom of movement, the adequate distance between one stool and another ranges from 16 cm to 30 cm. With too much space there will be poor aesthetic balance, too little will cause discomfort to the occupants of the adjacent stools.

Place the stools at least 35 cm from your work surface so as to adequately fill the space without blocking the view of the table.

Make sure that any high chair with armrests and backrest can pass under the top, guaranteeing the necessary comfort and freedom of movement.

Consider the features

Depending on the furnishings and available spaces, you will need kitchen stools that complete the environment and ensure comfort for your guests. Here are some requirements to consider:

- Backrest: it is very likely that a designer stool with a medium or high backrest will be more comfortable and ideal if we remain seated for long periods of time. Backless stools are valid alternatives in kitchens with limited space and can also guarantee greater freedom of movement.

- Footrest: although not mandatory, it is advisable to opt for any version of kitchen stool with footrest. It is important that this is sturdy, comfortable and well secured to the front legs.

- Height adjustment: a height-adjustable bar stool is certainly a valid alternative in terms of functionality and practicality, adapting well to different types of island or peninsula kitchens. On the other hand, there will be poor stability in the support of the base with consequent risk of overturning.

Fixed stools with 4 legs: the choice of the fixed stool with 4 legs is certainly the best from the point of view of safety and stability. To achieve optimal solidity the legs should be joined into a single structure. 

Consider shapes and materials

Wood and metal are a proven choice for a kitchen stool set.

Wood is the most traditional option, offering a wide variety of finishes that can both stand out and blend in with their surroundings.

Distressed, Corten or chrome steel finishes on a high metal stool are perfect in contemporary spaces.

Super colorful stools in polycarbonate and polypropylene are the hi-tech choice markedly inspired by design. They offer a multitude of colours, finishes and trendy shapes from which to choose for top combinations for modern and informal kitchens.

Transparent, translucent modern kitchen stools with high-performance scratch-resistant textures offer functionality, ease of use, easy maintenance, are easily washable, also suitable for outdoor use.