Rent chairs for catering and events

Starting a catering business or expanding your service with furnishings that have a different style from those you already own does not necessarily require a large initial expense to buy all the equipment. 

In fact, when starting out, it is advisable to rent chairs and other accessories for catering and events, also to realize what you will really need in the future!

Rental of chairs for events requires well-thought-out organization. 

Based on the style and theme of the event , it is possible to choose from a multitude of chair models that adapt perfectly to the needs of use.

Chairs represent the furnishing accessory that guests rely on most during an event, which is why they must be not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable and suitable for the context . 

The seat must be comfortable and not cause discomfort to the guests, especially in the case of a ceremony or event that requires spending a long time in one's seat.

The numerous rental services make it possible to set up the location with furnishings, accessories and equipment of all kinds, which are able to make the event functional and very well organised.

Whatever the event or occasion to be celebrated, particular attention must be paid to the choice of every single detail . A minimal mistake could nullify all the efforts made and compromise the success of the event.

The chair is one of the most important elements; it must be chosen with care, both to harmonize the environments from an aesthetic point of view and to give participants a comfortable stay.

For this reason, there are companies specialized in chair rental, which make your setup perfect and guarantee you an impeccable service. In fact, whether it is a small family party, a wedding or a business meeting, you need to carefully choose the chairs that will support your event.

There are different types of chairs , each suitable for a specific situation. 

From the most elegant to the most informal, the choice varies based on personal taste, the type of event being organized and the occasion of use.

To make everything even more comfortable and pleasant, you can also consider the idea of ​​renting chairs with cushions , which cushion the pressure and weight of the body.

Wedding chair rental

When it comes to a wedding , choosing the right chairs can become more problematic, especially when dealing with an outdoor ceremony or reception .

In this case, in fact, you cannot opt ​​for the usual outdoor chairs, also used for village festivals!!

Before making the choice it is very important to evaluate various factors , so that you can tackle the organization with complete peace of mind.

You need to offer your guests a comfortable and stylish seat, which also matches the colors chosen as the theme of the reception, but also the location (or external context).

Among the most beautiful and elegant chairs , but also resistant to climatic conditions and stresses coming from the outside, those in transparent polycarbonate are ideal for a wedding.

Thanks to their minimal and captivating design, they give light and a refined atmosphere to any environment, both outside and inside.

The choice of chair for a wedding influences the entire style of the reception, so it is best to pay close attention when evaluating the models that best suit the event.

Rental of chairs for festivals and events

In the case of other types of events , such as conventions, fairs, meetings, but also festivals , it is important to choose practical and weatherproof chairs. 

Generally, on these occasions the classic white or green plastic festival chairs, stackable and economical, are used.

Easy to transport and light to move, these chairs are convenient to use in those less formal events where practicality and even a minimum amount of comfort are needed.

In addition to the usual "festival chair", however, there are also other variants on the market that are equally practical to use.

Polycarbonate chairs , for example, are equally stackable and light, but they are also much more neutral and elegant, therefore more versatile. 

In fact, depending on the context, they can take on an appearance that is now more modern and now more classic , now more pompous and now more simple and informal.

However, the aesthetic side is not the only one worth considering! 

These are comfortable and resistant chairs that have many other features that make them unique and suitable for any context.

The versions with or without cushion mean that they adapt more easily to the changing needs of the public, but also to the type of event in which one participates. 

Let's look at some models in more detail.

    • The transparent polycarbonate chair with a minimal design allows you to give brightness to the environment, thanks to the crystal effect . It is an elegant model, perfect for both weddings and other types of events.

    • The chair in transparent polycarbonate with armrests , in Louis XVI style (see for example the Ghost ), has a medallion back and is very classic and sophisticated, which is why it is one of the most used in ceremonies.

• The colored polycarbonate     chair gives a more creative and original touch to the rooms. The colors can be the most varied, to adapt to different styles and occasions of use.

    • The polycarbonate chair with armrests and a simple design can be the ideal solution if you want greater comfort even in contexts other than ceremonies.

    • The polycarbonate chair with cushion , both transparent and coloured, was created with the idea of ​​making maximum comfort for users, especially during events that last a long time.

To complete the setup, there are also tables in transparent polycarbonate or with different finishes, which stand out for their elegance, refinement and great adaptability to different occasions of use. 

They give a touch of professionalism and care to any event, be it a ceremony, a wedding or a work event.

Furthermore, if necessary, they can be covered with a special tablecloth, always guaranteeing maximum stability and safety of support.

Equipment to rent for a reception

When organizing a reception, or any other event, it is possible to take advantage of the rental service for numerous equipment that can facilitate the work of the staff, but also enrich the setup down to the smallest details.

From counters to ovens, from tensile structures to tableware, the range of products that can be rented is truly vast.

Just consider the spaces you have available, the use to be made of each element, the stylistic needs and you're done! 

A small detail can make the difference and make everything more functional and harmonious!

Let's see which equipment is most rented for receptions.

    • Tensile structures are suitable for both private ceremonies and public events. Thanks to the different shapes, sizes and raw materials with which they are made, these tents can easily adapt to small or large spaces and to events of different nature.

    • External and internal furnishings of all types complete the functionality and aesthetics of the environments: umbrellas, radiant mushrooms, lighted bar counters, lamps, tables and much more.

    • The table linen is chosen based on personal taste and style: tablecloths, napkins, runners and other extra fabrics that adorn everything.

    • The details of the mise en place ? Those can be rented too! From glasses to chargers, from bread plates to cutlery and so on.

Apparently, any accessory or piece of furniture can be rented, as long as a precise stylistic line is always respected and the real needs are not forgotten.

Kitchen equipment rental

In addition to weddings, other events also include the organization of a buffet , which is why cuisine is often an essential element.

However, when it is not present in the place intended for the event, you can opt to rent a furnished mobile kitchen . 

In other cases, however, if only the equipment and not the actual stove are missing, it is possible to rent just kitchen equipment: slicers, ovens, hobs, fryers, complementary machines, freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, cookware, waste bins, tools and accessories, thermal containers and sinks.

Prices for rental of tables and chairs

The price for renting chairs and tables varies greatly . 

It is calculated on the basis of various parameters : the quantity of chairs and tables needed, the type of accessories chosen, the material with which they are made, the dimensions, transport costs, the distance between the rental company and the location and so on.

Relying on professionals in the sector is the best choice to make in any case, to be sure of receiving a quality service that makes the event perfect in every detail.