Seat height in stools

How to choose the ideal height of the stool

Make the most of the many advantages that high stools offer!!

Usually a stool with a limited back height is very practical because, being able to be placed under your snack top, it helps you to have more space available.

With a swivel stool you will have the best possible freedom of movement, turning completely on yourself you can even talk to several people at the same time.

The 4-legged fixed stools are super stable, ideal for the kitchen or living area where you can enjoy breakfast or a quick lunch in complete comfort.

When choosing the stool it is therefore important to identify the right height in order not to run into problems of use and annoying returns to your supplier.

Identify carefully the operating difficulties you may have depending on your high table and choose the height you need.

You will therefore have stools of different heights depending on the type of table used.

Here are our recommendations for the most common tables in the kitchen, living room or bar, considering that the stool must be 25/28 cm lower than the top.


For a high bar table, opt for a 76/78 cm stool. A 76 cm high stool is therefore ideal for standard 110 cm high bar counters.


However, bar tables can have variable heights, so it is advisable to check this point carefully before making your choice.


For a kitchen worktop, opt for a 65/67 cm high stool. High tables, central islands or peninsulas have a standard height of 90cm, the most suitable kitchen stool must be 66cm high.


Remember that the ideal measurements of stools for the kitchen or living area must consider the footrest at a distance of 44/45 cm from the seat, this for correct position and posture.


For a high snack table, the recommended height of the stool is the same as for a bar table, opt for the classic 76 cm. There may be snack tables with less common heights above 120 cm, in these cases opt for an extra high 80/85 cm stool or for adjustable stools.


For ordinary dining tables, opt for a low stool. As for a classic chair, the height of the low stool must be 45/47 cm. Once the tables often reached even 80 cm, today the standard heights are 75/78 cm.


For custom-made tables with specific heights, opt for adjustable stools. Adjustable wooden stools with manual screw mechanism are suitable for rustic or mountain environments. Adjustable plastic or iron stools with pneumatic gas mechanism fit preferably in more modern and informal contexts.


Now you have all the information to choose the stool that best suits your needs.

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