Stackable chairs

Stackable chairs are the best space-saving solution you can think of, both in domestic contexts and in other environments.

In fact, those who own a small apartment or house, with very limited space, know well how difficult it is sometimes to host someone for dinner with the few chairs available.

Stackable chairs are an ideal solution in this case! 

Stored in the garage, in the storage room or in another corner of the house, they can be shown off when necessary without major difficulties!

These particular seats are also indispensable for community use, whether in work contexts , entertainment or events.

For any occasion, their practicality and, which is not at all negligible, very often also their aesthetic beauty, make this type of chair a highly functional and stylish piece of furniture.

Furthermore, if the choice is made carefully and we focus on some important details, it is easy to identify a stackable chair model that is robust and at the same time also light , to facilitate transport and movement from one place to another.

Today it is possible to find stackable chairs with a unique style, real design objects and furnishing accessories perfect for beautifying your home and beyond! 

The current idea of ​​a stackable chair is in fact very far from that image that saw it in the past as an emergency piece of furniture, inserted in places devoid of elegance where it is very rare to find good quality products.

Perfectly in line with trendy styles, with a spotlight on new generation materials and particular attention to everything that is bio-sustainable, the stackable polycarbonate chairs are born precisely from this idea of ​​practicality and elegance.

With their trendy and captivating lines, they are inserted with great balance into any domestic living room, from the most classic and austere to the modern and jaunty one. 

In both cases, in fact, the polycarbonate chairs are able to create a refined atmosphere , with attention to detail, as well as giving maximum comfort .

Designing and creating a designer stackable chair, however, does not mean thinking only of a domestic destination. 

The use of stackable chairs is undoubtedly very common in meeting and conference rooms, in restaurants, bars, catering establishments, offices and in all those places where a large number of people can be accommodated. 

This is why Bellelli creates various models of stackable chairs in polycarbonate, now with simpler lines and now with more particular motifs, in order to be able to satisfy the different needs of use and also to be able to meet the style preferences of a very wide audience.

Stackable chairs: an elegant and comfortable structure

Stackable chairs are the right solution for multifunctional rooms , intended for hosting a large number of users. 

The market offers various collections to be used for meetings, conferences, seminars and other types of events to be organized in any location.

Designed with a highly comfortable seat structure, elegant and ergonomic in shape, stackable chairs for the community are to be considered not only for their practical function, but also for the purely aesthetic one.

In fact, chairs are, more generally, a fundamental part of those details that you just can't do without when you want to create a certain style, which is simple and classy at the same time.

This is the case of those formal events where perhaps a dress code is required, or of solemn private ceremonies, such as weddings. 


Well yes, in these contexts it is obvious that the chair, in addition to being comfortable, must necessarily be an element of class .

Ideal for these purposes may be padded chairs , attachable (as well as stackable) conference chairs and transparent chairs made by the Bellelli company.

These are high quality polycarbonate furnishings that are resistant to atmospheric agents and wear.

Let's look for example at the transparent Lucienne model , probably the most versatile of the many.

It is a very robust and solid chair, transparent and brilliant, with a crystalline appearance, which is well suited to locations intended for the community, conference rooms, meetings, meetings or congresses. 

The rounded seat is very comfortable and harmonises well with the spacious and comfortable backrest and with the unusual shape of the rear legs, slightly flared.

All Bellelli products are made with latest generation technology that allows maximum precision in manufacturing.

Stackable chairs in polypropylene

There are various solutions of stackable chairs on the market, depending on the needs of the applicants, the occasions of use and the economic availability.

Polypropylene chairs fall into this category and, thanks to the malleability of this plastic material, even in this case it is possible to obtain the most disparate shapes and lines.

Once again these are chair models suitable for both indoors and outdoors, but there are some details to consider: 

    • compared to polycarbonate chairs, those in polypropylene are easily flammable and are not made with an ecological material (polypropylene in fact derives from petroleum);

    • furthermore, the latter are less resistant to impacts .

Outdoor chairs

As is now clear, polycarbonate chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor contexts, thanks to their versatility, sturdiness, elegance and also other important characteristics that allow them to resist atmospheric agents .

In fact, polycarbonate is not afraid of rain or humidity, is easily cleanable with a damp cloth in case of dust or stains, and highly resistant if exposed to high temperatures.

Bellelli's outdoor polycarbonate chairs are made to give high comfort and guarantee good robustness, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. 

They also resist impacts, scratches and atmospheric agents. 

Padded chairs

Padded chairs are born from the idea of ​​having a comfortable seat (and sometimes also a backrest), which cushions the weight of the body especially in the lumbosacral area of ​​the back.

In fact, it is precisely there that greater pressure is created, very often pushing the person to seek out new positions that relieve discomfort in the back and other parts of the body. 

Bellelli's padded chairs are made with ergonomic cushions that have a layer of non-deformable rubber and are covered in fabric or nubuck.

Perfect both for furnishing the home and the office, but also for being stacked and used in the most varied contexts, naturally taking care to choose the color of the cushion best suited to the environment in which they are to be placed. 

Cheap chairs

When you think of stackable chairs, the recurring idea is that of cheap, low-quality chairs that simply serve as a backup in case of need.

Sometimes cheap chairs can also be second choice ones, that is, those characterized by slight manufacturing defects, which however do not in any way affect their stability.

Well, even if you want to have stackable chairs always at your disposal, it doesn't mean you have to give up aesthetics, safety and savings.

For example, Bellelli's productions, even if they are of high quality and design, still offer models of economical chairs, always rigorously subjected to precise tests and in full compliance with the European UNI standards in the field of safety.

Experience in the sector, use of high quality materials, use of innovative machinery and cutting-edge techniques allow the Bellelli company, highly specialized in the production of designer furniture in polycarbonate, to create excellent products from every point of view.

The molding of polycarbonate takes place entirely in the premises of the Bellelli company, which also takes care of other important aspects: assembly, decoration, finishing, management of raw materials and that of finished products.

If you wish to rely on us, we will be happy to follow you throughout your choice process!