How to clean polycarbonate chairs

Have you purchased a polycarbonate piece of furniture and want to preserve its beauty over time while keeping its structural and aesthetic characteristics intact?

Here are the tips to follow to clean and keep your chairs, table or stools intact and efficient.

To clean polycarbonate, or PC, we recommend washing with a specific product, such as our spray detergent , alternatively it is possible to use a solution of mild neutral soap or a similar household detergent and warm water using a microfibre cloth or a soft sponge to remove residues.

Important! The cloth used for cleaning must be absolutely CLEAN , there must be no dust residues that would rub the surface of the product.

Then rinse with water and dry with an equally clean soft cloth to prevent streaks from forming. 

For grease stains, marker dirt or paint, it is advisable to use a hexane or heptane-based stain remover and then wash immediately with neutral soap as indicated above.

Steam jet cleaning is absolutely suitable and also acts as a disinfectant treatment.

Do not use aggressive solvents such as acetone or petrol and alkaline based detergents which can chemically attack the material, compromising its aesthetics and structural integrity.

How to remove scratches from transparent chairs ?

For small marks it is advisable to use a slightly abrasive detergent, for example Cif, using a damp cloth and rinsing thoroughly.

For more extensive scratches it is possible to use a car polish with a small rotary brush and relative cloth.