Transparent design in decor

To furnish a space with a touch of transparency and lightness, it is possible to use different materials ranging from polycarbonate to Plexiglas, from acrylic to glass.

Each of these has different characteristics and one constant: transforming any furnishing accessory into a functional and light-looking design object.

More and more often, by reading an interior architecture magazine or listening to a designer's suggestion, you can glean very useful information on how to make the most of the peculiarities of a piece of furniture with a transparent design.


Here are 4 useful tips.

1) Match your transparent chairs or your plexiglass shelf with antiques and stylish objects. The evanescent appearance will lighten the heavier and more demanding essence of an antique piece of furniture, integrating perfectly.

2) A real advantage of using a chair, a table or any transparent object is to create a space that seems larger and brighter. Let's try to give some examples: a completely transparent chair positioned near a glass window will allow light to pass through it. With a plexiglass desk or a transparent polycarbonate table you can see all the nuances of your floor. In other words, transparent furniture allows you to contrast a small environment by disappearing and floating in the available spaces.

3) You could combine your transparent furniture with completely natural materials such as wood, a plant or even bamboo canes, you will obtain a design with a versatile and relaxing fusion flavour. 

4) The transparent essence of a chair or a table allows you to show off all your creativity in setting up a space, without particular limits in combinations.