How to evaluate an ergonomic office chair

The damage to the spine caused by sitting for long periods is now known to everyone. 

For those who have an office job or are smartworking, however, it is inevitable to spend the days at the desk.

Is this perhaps your case?

The chair you decide to work on all day must be ergonomic, that is, suitable for your physical needs.

The spine cannot support the body in a sitting position: it is natural for the shoulders to relax, forming a small hump, just as it is normal for the pelvis to be put to the test, not being in a natural position.


The main enemy of sedentary jobs is back pain . 

Precisely because of all the pressure that the spine undergoes, the bones stiffen and are felt for the rest of the day. 

Furthermore, it is likely that the pain does not occur so much during working hours, but that it occurs more precisely when you leave the workstation, finally leaving the spine in its natural position. 

This often affects the quality of workers' sleep , tormenting them all night with back pain and discomfort.

If even the physiological posture is not the best, due to congenital problems or acquired bad habits, the consequences can be even worse.

Gaming chair

The most comfortable chair par excellence is the chair intended for gaming. 

In fact, even more than the worker, those who play all day are unable to even notice the time spent in the same position. 

Gaming chairs , as well as being aesthetically beautiful and with an attractive design, are certainly suitable for the physical needs of the spine. 

They can be either made of leather or fabric, depending on your preferences: the first material is easier to clean, while the fabric allows better breathability. 

Two essential features that gaming chairs must have are:

    • possibility of adjusting the height and inclination of the seat,

    • double support for head and back.

It is needless to specify that, given the comfort and practicality of use, gaming chairs can also easily be used for a workstation .

The only thing to consider in this case, if you really want to obtain a good aesthetic effect, is the combination with the style of the office.

The gaming chair is usually very modern and colourful, but there are also simpler and more elegant models... you just need to know how to identify them!

Blood circulation

One of the problems, often underestimated, that sitting causes is related to blood circulation . 

Especially at knee level , in fact, if the chair ends at an angle that is not well cushioned or is not particularly soft, more generally, it exerts pressure on the legs which reduces circulation to the lower limbs.

The ideal solution is therefore to look for a chair that has a rounded end .

Blood circulation, in any case, can also be hindered in different points of the body. 

This is why it is important to purchase ergonomic chairs, i.e. designed to leave a minimum amount of freedom of movement to the limbs (including the arms), and adjustable in height.

In fact, based on your height, the size of the desk and your physical needs, the adjustment of the seat, any armrests and the inclination of the backrest help to promote circulation.

Body weight

Many times, when choosing a chair we are overwhelmed by the infinite peculiarities proposed by the manufacturing companies, or by the news found here and there on the internet; but are we really able to select the best model for us?

Do we know how to evaluate the most important things?

Most chairs have standard sizes , which do not always adapt to the specific needs of the person. 

Regardless of body weight , everyone has the right to be comfortable in their chair and not suffer health consequences from the need to sit. 

If standard chairs are unstable or too small due to their structure or body weight, you should not force yourself to use them. 

In fact, you need to look for a chair of the right size and purchase it without wasting time, as if it were a medical device!

In fact , it is not just a question of comfort : if a chair that is suitable for us still causes damage to the spine, a chair that tends to give way or in which we are forced to assume uncomfortable positions due to its dimensions could cause much more serious problems. .

Orthopedic chair

The orthopedic chair was created with the intention of intervening and providing an alternative to all those factors that influence spinal discomfort in those who work for many hours sitting at a desk.

In fact, it helps to maintain a correct posture thanks to some measures:

    • a stable structure

    • a double support, one for the head and one for the back

    • armrests, which act as a support for getting up and sitting down (they are not designed to rest the arms, as is often thought)

    • slightly curved seat

    • backrest adjustable for both height and inclination.

Work place

Given all the premises just made, it is clear that the workstation must therefore be well organised, in order to provide the right support to the whole body and consequently make work easier.

Desks generally have a standard size , calculated according to the average height of people. 

However, if you are creating your own workstation, you are not obliged to "settle" for standard measurements: if you are particularly tall or short, look for a desk that has an adequate height and is well proportioned to yours ; if you are particularly short, you should use a footrest , to avoid having your legs dangling or not resting well on the ground and thus facilitating circulation.

You have to prepare everything in the right way; for example, your computer must be placed at the right distance, not just for reasons of sight. The appropriate distance is the one that allows you to rest your wrists or give support to your arms, without weighing your shoulders in any way.

Furthermore, if you normally have to read a lot, get a table stand : it will help you both to avoid having to make sudden transitions from the screen to the paper and to maintain a correct posture.

A final element not to be underestimated is lighting . 

Poor or poorly directed lighting will inevitably affect your posture. It doesn't have to be the worker who adapts to the trend of the light, but the opposite.

Perfect for this purpose are the numerous desk lamps, floor lamps and spotlights aimed at strategic areas.

Modern design

The eye wants its part, it's well known! 

It is nice to see a well-furnished office, meeting room and reception area, equipped with modern design chairs that bring harmony to the rooms.

In fact, comfort is essential, but it must not ignore elegance. 

The Bellelli company specializes in transparent polycarbonate furniture , a resistant material with a fine and minimalist appearance. 

The modern design of the chairs is certainly ideal for a conference room or an office with a refined style.

Value for money

The prices of Bellelli office chairs obviously fluctuate based on the model. 

Many are under fifty euros, of excellent quality and with various color options. 

In addition to being very elegant, polycarbonate is also a highly resistant material !

Thanks to its mechanical properties, it withstands stresses due to weight and atmospheric agents; therefore polycarbonate chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor furnishings! 

We therefore welcome the organization of an outdoor convention where, thanks to this type of chairs, there will certainly be no lack of elegance, safety and comfort.

Furthermore, the quality-price ratio is guaranteed!

Ergonomic stools

The best-known alternative to ergonomic office chairs are stools . 

Although they do not have any back support, some stool models are ergonomic, that is, designed to condition the posture so that it is not harmful to the spine.

The best-known model is known as a stool or Swedish chair : a chair without a back but equipped with support for the shin, which therefore forces the person to keep their back straight.

The stool is not always suitable for those who already have established back problems or for older people for whom backrest support is necessary.

In any case, the stool still remains an excellent option because, in addition to acting on posture correction, it gives character to the office, thanks to its innovative and linear design.

Executive chairs

In executive or individual offices, where those at the top are often forced to work in conditions of great stress, executive chairs are essential , comfortable accessories that provide the right support for the body and, why not, also for the mind!

In principle, they have the same structure and the same ergonomic properties as operational chairs. However, these are armchairs, therefore their more imposing shape guarantees greater support and greater comfort. 

The advantage of having an executive chair is all in favor of your back: you will be able to move without making sudden movements, but always maintaining the correct posture.

Task chairs

Task chairs are classic desk chairs designed mainly for office workers and people who work hours and hours in front of the PC. 

These chairs may or may not have armrests , but an essential feature must be the backrest adjustable for height and inclination.

Compared to executive chairs, these chairs have a less imposing appearance, because they are intended for environments where there must be many other chairs and desks.

In any case, these are functional and comfortable chairs, perfect for all workers.

Padded seat

Some features present in both task chairs and executive chairs are sometimes chosen quickly by the buyer; but how important is it to analyze certain aspects?

The padded seat may be essential to cushion the weight on the sacral area; it can also be made of breathable material or not, depending on your preferences.

A good padded seat must allow the legs to form a 90° angle , to prevent circulation problems and pressure on the back.

High back

Another feature to consider is the height of the backrest .

However, this is not a merely aesthetic choice!

Low back chairs are usually used during conferences. In fact, they are suitable for short-term stays and not for long working days, even more so if the backrest is not adjustable. 

Most task chairs have a medium backrest , which allows you to adjust the height and inclination.

The best solution is certainly given by the high backrest . 

In fact, it not only supports the back, but also guarantees support for the neck. The high backrest therefore gives support to the entire spine, limiting damage to a minimum and guaranteeing a comfortable seat even after several hours of work.